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Warm welcome to visit Hebei famouss pump limited company new site. Because business grows need, the urgent need to recruit foreign trade salesman, business manager. ...
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Slurry pumps [ 7 ]
Gravel pumps [ 1 ]
Dredge pumps [ 1 ]
Desulphurization pumps [ 3 ]
Foam pumps [ 1 ]
Clear water pumps [ 3 ]
Sewage pumps [ 2 ]
Chemical pumps [ 3 ]
Pump parts [ 8 ]
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FAX : +86-311-67793077
E-mail : sales@famouspump.com
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ADD : Gucheng East Road 119,
   Shijiazhuang,China 050000



Longer life, lower management costs, saves more energy of slurry transportation solution provider.


Focus on customers’ challenges and concerns, provide competitive slurry transport products and services, continued to create maximum value for customers.

Core values

The company’s core values, rooted in FAMOUSS people innermost core beliefs, are the intrinsic motivation of FMOUSS and our commitment for future. It ensures us to provide effective services and best slurry transport program.

Customer success

To provide service for customers is the most reason for existence of FAMOUSS. And customer requirements drive the development of FAMOUSS. In order to help customer success, we hold customer-oriented concept, timely response to customer’s requirements and continuously create long-term value for customers. We regard providing effective service for customer as our work target and value evaluation standards. FAMOUSS people believe that helping customer success is to help ourselves.

Hard struggle

We do not have any unique resources to depend on, only work hard and perseveringly in order to win the customer’s respect and trust. Struggle reflected in creating value for customers of any activity, as well as to improve and enrich their own efforts. We adhere to pay for this, make those who pay to get a reasonable return.


Self-criticism is intended to continue to progress, constantly improving, instead of self-denial. Only by adhering to the self-criticism, to listen to, develop the useful and discard the useless and continued beyond, can be more easily to respect others and cooperate with others, to achieve customer, company, team and personal development.

Open enterprise

In order to better meet customer needs, our proactive, the courage to open up, adhere to opening up and innovation. Any advanced technology, products, solutions and business management, only into commercial success value. We adhere to customer demand-oriented, and focus on customer needs continuous innovation.

Sincerity and trustworthiness

Only the heart opens sincere, behavior abides by its commitments. Honesty is our most important intangible asset, and meditation to uphold the integrity to win customers.

Team cooperation

Celebrate wins, learn from failure. Teamwork is not only the group spirit of collaboration, but also the guarantee of breaking division of the departments and improving process efficiency.


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