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Pump operation and monitoring inspection
Time:2012-5-19 10:54:59    View:175    Author:FAMOUSS PUMP

Before running the pump, the inlet valve should be opened, while the outlet valve be closed. Then start the pump and slowly open the outlet valve, pump outlet valve opening range and speed depend on the control of pump no vibration, motor no exceed of the rated current.

Series pump start, also follow the above method. When opening the primary pump, the last stage pump outlet valve can be opened a little ( the opened range is advisable to1/4 of the rated current of the primary pump motor. After that the secondary and three-level and so on pumps can be started one after another till the last stage pump. While all the pumps start, the final stage pump outlet valve will be gradually opened, the range and speed depend on the control of all pumps no vibration and motors no exceed of the rated current.

Conveyor flow is the chief of all parameter, so it is better to install the flow meter to the operation monitoring system so as to monitor the flow rate anytime to meet the requirement. The certain pressure is also required on the pipeline outlet for the cyclone pipe system, slag flushing system, dehydration system with whircone. So, in this system the pressure gauge is installed to monitor pressure to check if it can meet the requirements or not.

In the process of the running pump, except monitoring the flow, pressure, the motor also to be monitored not beyond the rated current. Meanwhile monitoring oil seal, bearings in case of any abnormal, whether pumps is evacuated or overflow, and solve the problem any time.

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