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Reasonable selection of pump
Time:2012-5-19 10:56:08    View:175    Author:FAMOUSS PUMP

The reasonable selection of pump is to take the investment of pump machine and pump station and cost into accout, based on economic, safe and applicable principle. Here are some points.

First of all, it must meet the requirements of flow and head, which requires the pump operating conditions ( device characteristic curves and pump performance curve of intersection ) are often kept in high efficient operation, which saves power and is not easy to damage the equipment.

Secondly, the selected pump should have the advantages of small volume, light weight, low price, but also better performance and high efficiency.

At the same time, it should have good anti-cavitation performance, which could both reduce the depth undergroud of pump house, and make it cavitation free, stable operation and long life, which reduces operation cost and investment. 

1.List conveying medium basic data. Characteristics of the medium: name, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosion and toxic etc..

2. the containing solid particles diameter and percentage. 

3. the temperature of the medium

4. the required flow ( general industrial pumps can ignore the pipeline leakage, but must take into account process changes on the impact of traffic. if agricultural pumps are used in the water channel, it must also consider the leakage and evaporation. ) 

5. the pressure: pressure water absorption, the pressure of the drainage pond, piping system pressure drop ( head loss). 

6, the pipeline system data (diameter, length, attachment types and numbers of tubes, suction pressure tank to the geometric pool height ).

If need, device characteristic curves should be made.

In the design of pipeline, some points should be noted.

A, reasonable selection of pipe diameter. Large pipe diameter, at the same flow rate, slow liquid flow, have small resistance loss, but investment is high. Small diameter can sharply increase loss of resistance, so that the selected pump lift increase, with a power increase, cost and operation cost increase.

B, greatest pressure that the exhaust pipe and pipe joint can bear.

C, the pipeline should be arranged into  straight, minimize pipeline accessories and reduce the length of a pipeline. When it needs to be bend, elbow bend radius should be 3 ~5 times greater than pipeline diameter, and angle should be above 90 DEG C as possible.

D, the pump discharge side must assemble valves ( ball valve or valve ) and a check valve. The valve is used to regulate the pump operating point, and check valve prevents backflow of liquid pump, and the pump from the water hammer blow. (when the reverse flow of fluid when, can produce tremendous reverse pressure, damage to pumps).

Determination of flow and head

The determination of the amount

If the production process has been given, the normal minimum, maximum flow, maximum flow should be considered.

If the production process is given only to the normal flow, consideration should be given to leave some margin. For NS > 100of large discharge and low head pump, flow margin of 5%, NS <50 of the small flow high-lift pump, flow margin of 10%,50 ns100pump, flow margin is 5%, of poor quality and bad operating conditions of the pump, flow margin should be 10%.

If the underlying data only give weight flow, it shall be converted into volumetric flow.

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