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Pump cleaning method
Time:2012-5-23 9:08:36    View:182    Author:FAMOUSS PUMP

Water pump impeller may rust if it is in the dark and wet pump body for a long time, but copper and stainless steel ones are not. It is difficult to dismantle the impeller if it is rust. Here illustrate how to dismantle impeller.

Diesel decomposition method. Put a towel dip into diesel fuel, then place it on rusty impeller or nut. Use a hammer tap nut to make the diesel fuel flow to the rusty impeller and quicken the seperation between rust part and non-rust one. Attention not to tap the thread. In addition, tap the nut along directions of loosing to avoid of much tighter. USe special tool to dismantle nut, then use Vladimir radmanovic device to remove the impeller.  If the impeller is heavily rusted, new one is required.

If to remove rust on old impeller, use fine sandpaper to polish impeller surface, after finish, coat a layer of health level lubriated oil or chrome to prevent it from rust. Pls check if ther are cracks before reuse.  The impeller of pipeline pump is easy to dismantle and recombinationl. It is difficult to dismantle and reorganize DL multistage pump impeller for its much more impellers and weight and strict requirements for techniques.

Centrifugal pump  is the most commonly used pump for drainage works. Usually in order to ensure the normal operation, the outlet pipe of a water pump requires gate valve, check valve and water hammer eliminator. The three valves play different roles respectively in the operation of pump process. Gate valve normally is closed. When water pump starts, it opens slowly, and centrifugal pump shutdown, it closes slowly. Water pump shuts the floodgate start and closeing the gate to stop can effectively prevent water hammer in pump and pump stopping water hammer. At the same time, it reduces the load of the motor when water pump starts. Shaft power of water pump is the least when it is zero flow, and generally only 30% of the design shaft power. Another function of the valve is that it can provide maintenance conditions for the check valve between gate valve and water pump and safty of water pump to prevent water in pressure pipe flow back. Check valve is to prevent water flow back caused by sudden power failure.  However, sudden shut down of check valve will lead to the generation of water hammer phenomenon. When the geometry water up of pump is high , serious water-hammer instantaneously faces high pressure, which will cause the pipeline rupture. To prevent water hammer do bad to the pipeline, it usually requires water hammer eliminator be installed on the pump pressure water pipe. In order to realize the automation of pump operation,  management simplified, labor reduced and reliability improved, people use water valve and electric valve to replace the manual valve, and greatly improve the techniques of single valve, which greatly helped turn up slow open & close check valve, slow on-off hydraulic valves, automatic relief valve closure and double speed self-closing valve model valve.

The above measures in practice has obtained certain effect, but is still unsatisfactory. the use of pressure sensing and the electric drive control has mcuh troubles, and single valve improvement cannot solve the major problems of automatic operation. Therefore, people have been committed to the development of a simultaneously to have the functions of gate valve, check valve and water hammer eliminator. JD745X type multifunctional water pump control valve is a better one, dredge pump has advantages of reliable & simplified operation, easy maintenance, and it can automatically operate according to water pump operation requirements. It is greatly welcomed at present.


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