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Centrifugal pump main components
Time:2012-9-26 12:04:16    View:113    Author:FAMOUSS PUMP

The main components for the centrifugal pump are the impeller, pump shell and shaft seal.

1. Impeller

The function of the impeller is transmitted the mechanical energy of the prime motor to the liquid, to increase the liquid static pressure and kinetic energy.

The impeller has generally 6~12 pieces backward curved vane. It was divided open, semi-closed and closed three types. For the open impeller

The open impeller is suitable for conveying materials with large amounts of suspended matter, low efficiency, and the transmitted fluid pressure is not high; while semi closed impeller is suitable for easy precipitation or materials with particles, the efficiency is lower also; closed impeller is suitable for conveying no impurity cleaning liquid, the efficiency is high. For general centrifugal pump, the impeller is closed impeller.

The impeller has single suction and double suction two mode.

2. pump shell

The function is to seal the impeller in a certain space, so that by using the impeller to inhale and extrude the liquid. Pump shell also called volute. The pump casing brings not only the liquid, but it is also an energy conversion device.

3. shaft seal device

The main function is to prevent the pump shell liquid leaking along the air from axis or outside into the pump shell.

General shaft seal has packing seal and mechanical seal two kinds.

For packing generally uses the asbestos rope impregnated with oil or coated with graphite. Mechanical seal achieves the sealing purpose is mainly according to the end face relative movement of the rotating seal ring mounted on the shaft and the stationary ring fixed in the pump shell.

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