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Over the past 20 years, we are committed to customer focus, and provide high quality pump, castings, machinery parts and repair services. Famouss Pump helps you achieve top-ranking target by increasing normal operation time and reducing operating costs.
By having complete manufacturing facilities and professional staffs, we can effectively solve problems as follows.

Parts Reproducing

Your worn parts can be reproduced by us. Replacement parts can be produced according to your parts and drawings. It is a very good choice for frequently replaced flow passage parts and other parts requires strict delivery. Usually, replacement parts in accord with the original one can be made in rapid speed and low cost. Many customers choose this service.


Castings are the key to making pumps. Making replacement parts demands that a company must be able to make or buy castings.
In Famouss Pump, we produce castings in our own casting factory located in Shijiazhuang. It is in our own casting factory that the alloy metals, exacted in strict standards are , are melted and cast. The customers is clear where the casting factory is, and can be invited to come and see the producing process. Other simple parts manufacturers are unable to offer this.

Machine work

High hardness castings requires specialized machine tool to produce pump flow passage parts. We have many experienced and professional casting workers. Facilities including balancing machine are used to balance rotating parts and assemble. The above advantages together with series of strict examine process can fully satisfy your strict requirements for high quality replacement parts.

Model Making

Model making, the core of casting process, is art more than science. It starts soon as the parts drawing finished. All our models are made in our own model shop. Much higher making speed, less time to finish. Model making technology is still a very critical parts manufacture challenge as that of hundreds of years ago.


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